Based on oxford dictionary, happiness is a state of being happy. Therefore, it is a very subjective word in accordance with individual’s perspective. I have asked a few of my friend define the meaning of happiness.

A: Everyday eat and play without worrying.

B: Everyday is sunday.

C: Do the thing you like.

D: See my son growing little by little.

To me, three things need to be done.

Firstly, achieve financial freedom.

Secondly, family and friends stay healthy.

Lastly, grow old together with my soulmate.

If these three are accomplished, then only can call happiness.

You know is amazing if you have found someone that can be growing old with in this 7.5 billion population. If you haven’t got one don’t worry you will get one…very soon.

No couples are perfect in this world. Everything needs time to build up a strong foundation. Eventhough we have been together only a short period of time, but I have felt that we have faced alot of thing. I appreciate what I have at the moment. Thanks everyone.

Why am I being so emotional? Today is my friend’s birthday and also my brother. My birthday also coming soon.

I hope can celebrate with her and a simple dinner will do if she remembers and available.


甲: 每天都能吃喝玩乐,不用担心任何东西。

乙: 每天都是星期日。

丙: 做自己喜欢的东西。



一, 自己已经经济独立。

二, 身边家人和朋友都能健康的生活。

三, 跟自己的爱人一起成长至到变老。

这世界有75亿人口,所以是一件很幸福的事如果能够和自己心爱的人白头偕老。 如果你目前还没有的话,别担心, 他/她即将会出现。

这世界是没有完美的情侣。每件事情都是需要时间去磨合和培养的。感情也不例外。我和她虽然在一起的时光不长, 但是就好像经历了蛮多。目前很开心也很满意自己所拥有的一切。为什么我突然间那么的感慨?今天是我一位朋友的生日。还有我远方的二哥。祝他们生日快乐。 我的生日也要快到了。


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