Papayas can disperse “dampness” in the body. They can reduce arthralgia, numbness and sluggish joint movement that caused by blockage of channels. Papayas can reduce swelling and get better digestive system.

Support healthy cholesterol,blood pressure and heart health.

木瓜有化湿的功效,可以治疗肢体经络不通引起的肢节疼痛 麻木 屈伸不利 并有舒徑消肿及助消化的作用。主治高血压 高血脂 心脏病 胃炎 肥胖症。


Too much of papayas can cause flatulence and diarrhea (etc) side effects.

Papaya seeds have a strong anti-parasitic properties, if pregnant women eat it can cause abortion.

木瓜吃多会产生胀气 腹泻等副作用

Reinforce and Counteract

Papaya- Seafood counteract each other.

Papaya-milk reinforce

Milk is good for beauty care. Papaya milk can help to grow your breast.

木瓜-海鲜类 相克
木瓜-牛奶 相生
牛奶是养颜美容的佳品, 木瓜牛奶的组合更是绝配。

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